Diet and Nutrition is an Important Part of Senior Care Assistance in Abilene, TX

Incorporating healthy options and exercise makes a difference

Did you know that diet and nutrition can both play a huge role in senior care? Of course, eating right and being fit are important aspects of staying healthy, but for the elderly, these factors are increasingly more vital because they also can greatly affect healing, bone density, mental acuity and other potential complications that can be seen with age related illnesses.

Independent living is the goal of most elders, but this can leave some gaps in nutrition, if they are unable to cook, shop or do the necessary tasks that are required in order to live a healthy lifestyle. This is why Comfort Keepers serving Abilene, TX is proud to offer our professional in home care services. There is no need to send your loved one to an assisted living facility when they can get the complete care that they need within the comfort of their own homes.

Nutrition services provided by a qualified senior care aide are built into our Interactive Caregiving plans, each uniquely designed to fit the needs of each client we serve. Our staff understand how vital a healthy diet is and are always happy to help in any way that they can. This can include shopping for healthy ingredients, encouraging healthy eating habits or cooking foods while managing dietary restrictions.

Our home caregivers are available around the clock to be there when needed and can provide support so that the senior in your life can live better. You will see for yourself the difference that can be made when you incorporate wholesome eating habits and show that there is a nourishing, yet tasty way to prepare food. This change in diet alone could be just what is needed to improve your lifestyle.

Improved diet and nutrition has been associated with some of the following beneficial effects.

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Maintaining of blood sugar levels
  • Proper nutrition for aging bodies
  • Better digestion
  • Increased healing
  • Improved mobility
  • Reduction in illness

In home care allows seniors the chance to eat prepared meals or even be involved in the cooking process, that will benefit their lives. Because, let’s face it, this is when you should really be living it up! If you have an elder in your life that you feel could use some extra help in the kitchen or around the home, maybe they are resisting dietary changes required due to illness or they forget to take medication with food as advised, then a simple solution may be to work with a senior care professional.

Give us a call today at (325) 267-7100  or complete our Contact Us form and see what options are available. Our in home care staff is on hand to answer any questions and to help you get started.



Comfort Keepers Home Care provides services to seniors and others in the following cities and zip codes in Texas:

Abilene, Buffalo Gap, Dyess AFB, Hawley, Merkel, Nolan, Noodle, Palava, Potosi, Trent, and Tye, TX and 79508, 79525, 79536, 79561, 79563, 79602, 79603, 79605, 79606, 79607, 79608, 79697

And throughout: Jones County, Nolan County and Taylor County

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