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Studies have shown time and again that socialization is important for people of all ages, and social interaction with others not only reduces loneliness but has health benefits as well. Many seniors would like to be more social but simply are unable to, either due to the inability to drive, health issues that keep them homebound or a lack of opportunity. For this reason, Isolation Reduction is an important area of focus that Comfort Keepers serving Abilene, TX provide as part of their elder care services.

Our in home care givers are here to not only provide compassionate companionship but to do so in a meaningful way. We feel that it’s important that we find the right person for the job from the start, because part of fostering long-term relationships requires liking the person you’re spending time with. By matching personalities and interests between our staff and their clients, this ensures that the time spent together is engaging and meaningful.

We understand that it is easy to get out of touch when you don’t have a way to be social. Plus, when individuals no longer have a work or regular social atmosphere, it can be difficult to forge new friendships. Thankfully, seniors don’t have to do it alone and with our elder care, seniors are not only given the opportunity, but they are encouraged to be active and social to the best of their ability.

Abilene is a beautiful place, with a thriving senior culture that provides many opportunities for those over 60 to get out and mingle. For example, the Rose Park Senior Activity Center hosts a variety of fitness and education classes, social events and interest-based presentations on a wide variety of topics. While you can encourage your parents or grandparent to get involved, that may not be enough. Often, elder care experts can provide the right kind of support for seniors who want to be more involved but don’t know how, can’t drive themselves or are just shy and don’t want to go alone. Our senior care services provide a convenient way to meet all of these needs, plus any additional requirements such as medication reminders.

Our staff is familiar with the greater Abilene area. Transportation not only gets your loved one where he or she is going, but also gives them company. Aides frequently go to social events that support isolation reduction goals, on top of being there to help with errands, doctor’s appointments and other needs.

While getting out of the house more frequently is one of the best things seniors can do to reduce isolation factors that frequent the later years, we also understand leaving the home isn’t always an option. For those who can go out, a class or an event may not be enough to provide the interaction that is needed. It’s certainly a good start but home caregivers provide even more options for seniors to socialize right at home as well.

Depending on how frequently you require elder care services, caregivers can provide weekly, daily or around the clock attention. You’d be amazed at the isolation reduction options that are easily accessible around the home. If there is a computer present, aides can work with their clients to learn social media so they can interact online with friends or family.

Help a senior get connected and stay in touch with friends, family or maybe even someone new today! Complete our Contact Us form to schedule an appointment, or if you have questions about any of our other elder care services, please call (325) 267-7100.



Comfort Keepers Home Care provides services to seniors and others in the following cities and zip codes in Texas:

Abilene, Buffalo Gap, Dyess AFB, Hawley, Merkel, Nolan, Noodle, Palava, Potosi, Trent, and Tye, TX and 79508, 79525, 79536, 79561, 79563, 79602, 79603, 79605, 79606, 79607, 79608, 79697

And throughout: Jones County, Nolan County and Taylor County

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