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Elderly Home Care Providers Can Alleviate Senior Safety Concerns

Mar 30, 2017 by Becky Cross

As mom and dad grow older, you may begin to have concerns regarding their safety.  It’s not easy to admit that your parent needs help when you still see them as the independent adult leader of the family. However, the reality of life is that after age 65, your mother or father may not be capable of all the things they would like to do without assistance. In fact, if you or your parent ignores the need for elderly home care, mom or dad may face some health incidents that otherwise could have been avoided.

One major safety concern your parent may be facing is years of smoking. Mom or dad’s medical team, recommend quitting smoking. Even if your loved one has no current history of a lung disease such has COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or reoccurring pneumonia, they should be cautious. Smoking can lead to these illnesses in addition to lung cancer and heart disease. An elderly home care provider can help your loved one maintain an active lifestyle and refrain from cigarettes and other smoking habits, as well as learn to eat well and exercise to rebuild better breathing capacity.

Abilene home caregivers support your parent’s cognitive memory health by providing activities that challenge them to think and get involved in a conversation. Studies show that communicating - not just talking, but having a direct and meaningful dialogue - helps keep the brain engaged and working. The healthier your mom or dad’s mind, the more involved they will remain in their personal care.

Although arthritis or injuries from previous falls may limit your parent’s ability to move or participate in certain activities, elderly home care professionals can support and assist your parent while providing them the opportunity to maintain their independence.

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