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Senior Care Services Providers Discuss Aging in Place

Mar 23, 2017 by Becky Cross

Aging in place for your mother or father often means remaining in their home. Senior care services experts agree that when given a choice, no one wants to leave their surroundings and spend their senior years in a facility. Throughout the years, many elderly care homes have received a bad reputation, even if they are not deserving of them. Today, when senior parents are given a choice, many chose to stay at home.

The term aging in place means just what it sounds like. Your mother or father receives the services they need, which can increase or even decrease as their needs change.  For example, let us assume your parent is recovering from a current illness and is unable to manage on their own.

Senior care services providers can be hired to assist your mother or father at home while they recuperate. If your parent achieves a full recovery and no longer needs assistance, they will continue to live on their own independently, aging in place. However, as time moves forward, it is possible your mom or dad may need assistance with chores, running errands or even some personal care issues and home caregivers can help.

Aging in place allows your parent to live in their environment among familiar items and comfortable furnishings. Their home is inviting to your family and their friends. Also, when you go to see your parent, you won’t be distracted by other people, and you can focus solely on your loved one and their needs. Mom or dad remaining in their home often keeps costs down and over time this can add up to substantial savings.

Abilene senior care services professionals suggest you and your loved one create a plan for aging in place. Be sure there is also a contingency plan for emergencies. Preparing now will reduce future stress and enable your parent to fully enjoy living life at home.

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