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At Home Care Services Providers Discuss Hearing Loss & Why Seniors Shouldn’t Ignore It

Mar 16, 2017 by Becky Cross

Too often your mother or father is not aware that they are not hearing what is being said. You may think this is impossible; however, it isn’t. Abilene at home care services providers explain that hearing loss, unless caused by a sudden accident or illness, is a gradual loss. Your mom or dad may think you are just speaking in a low tone, so they miss out on every few words you say. If you don’t see your parent every day, you may not notice their hearing difficulty, or you may just assume it’s part of aging.

Although expert at home care services professionals agree that hearing loss is part of the aging process, it should not be ignored. The longer your mother or father struggles to hear, the more removed they will become from conversations. Their ability to communicate will begin to diminish, and they may become confused as a result. Some studies have shown links between hearing loss and dementia.

Many older adults today tend not to face their hearing loss because they’re afraid of wearing hearing aids. The good news is hearing aids today are not the same as they were years ago. In fact, digital hearing aids are almost like having natural hearing.

When your mother or father finally accepts that they may have a hearing issue and visits an audiologist, they often are pleasantly surprised with the results. If hearing aids are needed, an at home care services provider can help your mother or father put them on and adjust them. It takes some fine-tuning to get used to the new sounds, how the aids feel in your ears, and hearing your voice in your ears, but it is worth it.

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