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Home Care Services Advice: The Benefits of a Spa Day

Feb 22, 2017 by Becky Cross

There are many ways to have a spa day with your parent. The traditional way that you may have in mind is to contact a spa or salon in Abilene and schedule an appointment. Before making that appointment, however, you may want to discuss the spa options with your parent’s home care services provider.


Your mother or father’s health issues or the medication that they are taking may influence what spa treatments you enjoy. If your mother is a diabetic, she could have a pedicure. The pedicurist will not be able to clip her toenails, but she could shape them, apply nail polish, soak them and massage them. Your father might also enjoy a nice foot bath and having his toenails filed. If your loved one has diabetes, only a podiatrist should trim their nails.


According to aides who provide home care services, there is so much more to spa day than nail care. A great spa day includes relaxing with a massage - either deep or soft tissue - whichever feels good for your loved one.  If a full body massage is too much, opt for a hand massage, foot massage or neck massage. All these offer mom or dad an opportunity to relax.


Spa days could also be a family affair at home. It can be fun to have a girls’ night in, with grandma, mom, and the granddaughters all gathered around painting each other’s nails. Home care services professionals remark that this is a special time for seniors.  When planned ahead, your elderly mom and grandmother will look forward to the family spa time.


Spa time with dad can be just as fun. You may not be giving him a manicure, but he might enjoy a foot rub or back massage. Sharing the time in a relaxing conversation makes spa time rewarding.

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