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Home Care Providers Discuss: Fun Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Jan 12, 2017 by Becky Cross

Now that the temperatures are milder, there's no reason for seniors to spend all day indoors. It is a great time for Abilene seniors to enjoy the sunshine and blue skies by participating in a variety of outdoor activities. If your elderly loved one is unsure how to spend his or her day, home care providers suggest the following outdoor activities:


Outdoor Dining

Now is the ideal time to dine outdoors. Whether it's a potluck picnic with friends and family at a local park or a night out on the patio of a favorite restaurant, dining outside is incredibly enjoyable when it’s not so hot.


Yard Games

During a picnic, yard games can be a great way for senior citizens to get some exercise. Volleyball, darts, frisbees, badminton, and cornhole are just several of the many yard games that an elder may like.


Neighborhood Walks

Walks around the neighborhood on a nice day are another way for seniors to engage in physical activity. A home care provider can ensure an elder is prepared for a walk outside by making sure he or she is wearing comfortable clothing, durable shoes, and plenty of sunscreen.


Nature Artwork

Artsy seniors can grab some colored pencils or markers and a blank canvas to create a beautiful artistic masterpiece while taking in the outdoors. The artwork can be a picture of a favorite tree, notable city landmark, an animal, or anything else that may pique an elder's attention. An in home care aide can help a senior find an aspect of nature to focus on.



Bareroot shrubs and roses can be planted in January. Gardening is a great way for elders to stay physically active during the milder months. Order seeds for this year’s vegetable and flower garden in January, since spring starts in February in Central Texas.


Seniors are encouraged to try one of activities mentioned above on the next nice day in Abilene.

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