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In Home Care Tips: How Seniors Can Maintain Independence

Jan 5, 2017 by Becky Cross

As elders age, they worry about losing their independence. While aging does make it more of a challenge for aging adults to care for themselves and their homes on their own, senior independence is possible. An in home care aide can promote independence while caring for your elderly loved one by encouraging the following lifestyle habits:


Prevent Falls

As we get older, our bones become fragile and weak. Weak bones can lead to falls, hip fractures and other severe health consequences. If an elder suffers from a hip fracture, he or she may no longer be able to live at home or live independently.

To avoid hip fractures and other conditions that can hinder independence, seniors must make it a priority to prevent falls. In home care aides suggest that elders free their home of hazards with railings, grab bars, non-slide mats, and appropriate lighting. Falls can also be prevented by participating in exercises that improve balance and strength.


Maintain Good Health

Seniors should make their health a top priority. Senior care providers recommend that older adults visit their physician on a regular basis and be honest about any health concerns or hardships. Maintaining good health can also be done by taking medications as advised, eating nutritious, well-balanced meals, exercising regularly, preventing stress, and keeping a positive mindset.


Invest in Technology

Believe it or not, certain technologies can help a senior retain his or her independence. Tech tools such as wearable devices to monitor physical activity, tablet computers to research information and keep in touch with loved ones, and medication management tools such as electronic pill dispensers are all excellent options for aging adults.


Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Although independence is great, it's vital for seniors to be realistic. There are some daily activities and tasks that a family member or in home care aide may be able to help with. Building a support network of individuals who can help when necessary is a must for every aging adult.


Abilene seniors can follow these tips to enjoy their independence as long as possible.

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